The factory plant and the production lines


A building with an area of 4,750.74 m2 has been built on the site, which includes:

    * The production unit
    * The finished products storage area
    * Management offices
    * Chemical – Microbiological Laboratory

The Zaros factory, of ZAROS S.A. applies Greek legislation (I.S., and also the sanitation guides of the Ε.F.Ε.Τ.) and the harmonised Community Directives  – Directive 93/43/ΕΟΚ that is compulsory for any business preparing, producing, packaging, processing, storing, handling, transporting and distributing foodstuffs.


Votomos S.A. operates one factory plant for bottling mineral and sparkling water on its own premises, a total surface of 15.850 m2 in an area located  in the Zaros district.

The premises include 5 modern production lines, warehouses and a  fully equipped microbiology laboratory.

All the production equipment exists in the bottling unit and it contains:

1. Bottling line in PET bottles of 0.5 lt, 1.5 lt and 2lt, with a total production capacity of 18000 bottles per hour
2. Bottling line in PET bottles of 0.5 lt, 0.75 lt, 1.5 lt and 2lt, with production capacity of 11200 bottles per hour
3. Bottling line in PET bottles (Sport & Carbonated, glass), with production capacity of 6000 bottles per hour
4. Bottling line in PET bottles (5 lt, 10 lt), with production capacity of 600 bottles per hour
5. Bottling line in PET bottles (18.9 lt), with production capacity of 800 bottles per hour
6. Construction line of PET bottles (5 lt, 10 lt & 20 lt) 


The design and construction of storage areas that fulfil the requirements of European legislation is the main preoccupation of ZAROS S.A. i.e.:

•    Protection from deterioration and contamination;
•    Spacious and adequate for the storage of products and packaging materials;
•    Easy circulation of transportation vehicles – Safe loading and unloading of merchandise;
•    Easy and effective disinfection of areas;
•    Storage of bottled water in a cool place away from direct sunlight;
•    Pest control;

The main warehouse of ZAROS S.A is located at the 11th km of the Heraklion-Mires road, with an area of 4,000m² that  fulfil all the legislation requirements and can guarantee  the preservation of the excellent quality for ZAROS mineral water. Additionally, the company has a second warehouse facility located at Aspropirgos in Athens. All the necessary contact details can be found in the contact section.

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